Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holidays were good

Yeah my holidays were good. i was chilled in Noosa. Actually by the end i was like get me out of this town. I dont know why iam going to so much effort with this eamil because i am deffinetly going to give you a call tomorrow night so you can tell me about all your gross wild fuck toys. No maybe we can just like chill at your place or mine without going into town and spending money. however we do have to go in occasionally

i wasnt snobbing you it must be my fucked up old phone cause people always tell me they sent me messages and i dont actually get them so sorry about that. WHAT Ted leaving holy crap thats a shock. Theyare going to be sad and annoyed at the same time cause now they have to find someone else thats if they are getting someone. But yeah you must be abit cut as well cause as much as you didnt like him you did just like his company. Well welcome to my life of having no one to hang with ahahah. Im pretty good with it all, i was abit of a mess at the funeral but hey. I think it is just all the extra shit like the will and legal stuff that they have to organise that is annoying them now.

i just chilled with my mates and drank and shopped and went to the beach, watched movies, just chilled, it was great. i ate SO MUCH! i literally stacked 4kg in one week! haha. anyways, i am aiming to hopefully keep it quite low during the next term coz i need to save money plus lack of transport now that ted has left! Susan says he's been pretty depresseds since that night that tonyy punched him. woops! it feels good to see the kids again ay.